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NOTE: still WIP migrating over my recipes! most live on my bluesky atm (@ariellelok). wahoo... they are on their way soon but enjoy...

i've been cooking for myself/family since i was VERY young. the recipes below are written & tested by me through multiple iterations unless otherwise stated. people describe my cooking as extremely home-y, and i love making my own broth. enjoy!!!

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

my mom's recipe that i modified to make 10x better [sorry mom!]

this is my signature dish, by far.
24 Hour Pho

i make sang lug spices from vietnam for me every trip without fail
Beef & Fennel Dumplings

inspired by my hometown dumpling shop on queens road
Capybara Milk Bread

my son was born during a time of turbulence
Hong Kong Style Curry

my mom's comfort food
Cool Silken Tofu

in summertime we whip out cold dishes and warm rice!
Soy Sauce Chicken

my go-to dish whenever i see chicken that is priced suspiciously low