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note: for my non-html formatted, pdf-version of my resume, please contact me here

hi, my name is arielle lok and i'm an:

ex-founder planting seeds to create a better world for future generations. i built western canada's most sustainable grocery service and spent 15% of my life in early stage vc covering food, general enterprise tech, and commerce

areas that currently excite me include:

sustainable agriculture, urban vertical farming, decarbonizing buildings, CO2 transformation, energy transformation. basically anything that can get humanity to net-zero and beyond by 2050.

founding team at cascade climate
nov 2023 - present

in the last few years, i was:

co-founder, coo/cfo at peko [acq. freshprep]
jan 2021 - mar 2023
corporate development at shopify ventures
jun 2021 - dec 2022
venture analyst/community at ripple ventures
jan 2021 - dec 2021

venture analyst at district ventures capital
sep 2020 - apr 2021
ambassador at children first canada
nov 2017 - jul 2019

i barely studied at:

mcgill university
2019 - 2023

but i like this stuff most about myself: