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hi! my name is arielle, sometimes ari. feel free to click on hyperlinks to learn more about specific parts of my whirlwind of a life

life chronology

- i was born and raised in hong kong which is the coolest city in the world

- moved to calgary, alberta, canada (why?) and lived in my dad's childhood home
- went to all of the same public schools as him. they were super ratchet ngl but at least i can cadillac ranch
- i did do some really meaningful things in my teenage years, like:
- writing the canadian childrens charter of rights and freedoms,
- creating and selling 100s of copies of a card game i made, and
- playing league of legends in college tournaments (maybe best not to pry)

- got a full ride escape to mcgill and was part of a specialized finance program for a while
- did not love what i was studying, so i moved to vancouver during the pandemic to be with my cofounder, sang, who i met online

- started peko in vancouver with sang after many pivots together
- was also working full-time at shopify's "lowkey" vc arm
- la la la!
- left shopify after ~2 years and was planning to work on peko full-time post grad but then
- peko was acquired. what a wild ride!
- sooo, i spent a quarter unpurposely nomadic in south east asia. truly some of the worst and best of times. mostly worst but hey i have lots of fun stories to tell!
- i somehow graduated from mcgill without ever going to class/being in montreal for 3 years straight. swag

fall 2023
- i was (ironically) in montreal, canada... living, laughing, and loving
- i followed a reflective curriculum that i wrote and made for myself. you can read more about it here

- i currently live in boston, working on something (not-so) new in climate