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capybara milk bread

prelude: in the days before my long-term ex broke up with me, i spent my nights like a fugitive looking for any crumb of happiness. this was one of my creations in that period!


  1. tangzhong: add everything together over heat, stir consistently until its a bit pasty and reminds you of something sussy (but pastier fr)
  2. dough: add and knead everything together (including yeast) and then add tangzhong once that bad boy is cooled down. If the dough is too wet, just keep adding more flour until it feels like a dough fr. freestyle
  3. cover and let double in size, then slap dat bad boy and knead some more
  4. shape your boy for 40 mins and let him rise.
  5. wash with (egg + milk) mixture and then bake at 350 until ur heart cannot take it anymore (26-30 mins ish)
  6. let him rest, take a ton of photos, write a sad diary entry, then cry yourself to sleep

here are pics of da process

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