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taiwanese beef noodle soup

prelude: i cook by heart and not by measurement, so these are pretty rough but it'll definitely get you close enough!

soup ingredients:

soup directions:
  1. cut your shank into desired pieces. we're going to cantonese-style blanche these in boiling hot water for 5-10 minutes. then, rinse off completely.
  2. cut slices of ginger, smash cloves of garlic, divide scallions into ~2-3 pieces, quarter tomatoes, slice onions [don't dice] in the meantime
  3. heat up neutral oil and fry all of the above with the boiled-shank (& optionally tendon) until everything smells really good
  4. add shaoxing wine for the shine, 2-3 heaping tablespoons of doujiang, a big chunk of rock sugar
  5. once it looks really saucy and yummy, add ~10 cups of BOILING water and throw in your 滷包
  6. cover and let simmer for min 2 hours, i think 4-5 hours is a really nice spot
  7. season with soy sauces, salt, more rock sugar, and msg to taste

noodle ingredients:

noodle directions:
  1. so... these ratios are really by heart for me. mix mostly flour and add water slowly. you want it to be pretty "crumbly" to start, not sticky wet EVER. add a very little bit of salt and oil.
  2. by the time you're done your first knead, it's going to still feel really dry but it should be cohesive as a dough. roll it into a ball, cover it, then let it sit for an hour
  3. knead again and it will feel wayyyyy softer. let it sit for another hour if you want. the longer you wait, the easier it is to work with and knead + more qq texture!
  4. once you're ready, roll that bad boy out and then cut into slices... homemade noodles!
  1. cook bokchoy by boiling it in water. i like to use the same boiling water to cook my noodles until desired texture.
  2. put noodles in bowl, put bokchoy, diced cilantro, and thinly sliced green onions on top
  3. spoon your delicious broth on top...
  4. top with chili butter [optional] for that extra spice!
  5. take 50 photos and enjoy

here are pics from my many, many iterations of this recipe!

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