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24 hour pho

prelude: i cook by heart and not by measurement, so these are pretty rough but it'll definitely get you close enough!


soup directions:
  1. blanche full chunks of beef and bones in boiling hot water for 15-20 minutes with ginger slices. then, rinse off completely.
  2. optional: if you are feeling insane: roast these in the oven
  3. in the meantime, toast your spices (cinnamon stick, star anise, cardamom, whole cloves, coriander seeds) and also set a whole onion on fire (char the entire outside until its fully black) and ginger (light it up baby!!!!)
  4. put beef/bones back into huge pot and fill with water. i do not use ratios. vibes only. put your toasted spices in a mesh bag and put it into the pot. put the whole onion and ginger in the pot. cover and let simmer overnight.
  5. wake up the next morning to your house (not in flames) smelling amazing
  6. season with fish sauce, salt, rock sugar, a touch of msg!
  7. cook your fresh rice noodles for 5-10 seconds in boiling hot water
  8. handfuls of desired toppings: green onions, so much thai basil, bean sprouts. lay the thinly sliced raw beef on top and then pour hot soup on top to instantly cook the beef. squeeze lime and add chilis to taste.

here are pics from my other iterations of this recipe!

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