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hong kong style curry

prelude: i cook by heart and not by measurement, so these are pretty rough but it'll definitely get you close enough!


  1. peel all of your produce. i like cutting my carrots, potatoes, and onions big! mince shallots and garlic smol.
  2. sweat your shallots/garlic and then add your start mix of spices and pastes to sweat even harder over low heat.
  3. add a few glugs of shaoxing wine to loosen and shine.
  4. then add all of your produce and protein. (note: if you are using chicken, make sure to parboil it before this step)
  5. add boiling water and cover for an hour or until potato/carrot texture is to your liking!
  6. add oyster sauce and soy sauce to taste.
  7. my dads a hater but adding coconut milk at the end would taste really good. also tastes better after resting in the fridge overnight
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