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04092014 - a note from 12 y.o. ari

Dear Arielle (a.k.a Dark Flame Master), 

Today is Sept 4th, the day before your birthday. Today you probably talked about memes. You don’t even like memes. Please stop talking about memes. Don’t be like h***** and have 4 doge shirts. Today is the first official “school day” because we actually followed the schedule. You have a binder now, which is pretty cool as you can be more organized ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. You’re probably wearing the same jacket because you’re literally a walking trashcan!! 

You’ve changed a lot since grade 7 I don’t even want to talk about it lmao… You’re more COOLER now (not at all), but at least you don’t call yourself things like ‘fangirl’ because you were literally trash back then. Team crafted trash!! In your first year of Junior High, you weren’t too bad. You didn’t get the worse grades with a total 94 average, but you didn’t even try?? You don’t talk to the a**** group anymore though. You also got the social studies award which is cool as heck. Man, you’re so cool.

Five goals that I hope you complete by the end of the year are things like you know…getting over 90 grades? Especially in English, that would be kind of cool. I’m going to study harder and practice writing more. I’m also going to care for myself more, which is really important to do for everyone! Think of yourself before others, okay? What do you like now? Whatever it is, I’m happy :-). Also, I hope you still play league so you can crush people who doubted you and your SKILLS LMAO... Don’t play too much though!! These goals are a trainwreck I’m sorry I just ?? don’t have any goals ??? 3 is good enough for me tbh….

You have many things to be happy about, and I’m so glad that we have them. Even though you probably won’t talk to them now, I want you to know that everyone you talked to before made us so happy at one point. I hope you’re still friends with everyone, they make me so happy to have them. I hope you’re still happy the way everything is now. The outline tells us to write a paragraph about them, but I think I would cry writing it I don’t know why lmao ??? they just make me so happy I can’t even describe it… I don’t want them to be gone from me even though I’m sure it’s already decided. I’ll write a paragraph but I won’t say any names, just whoever pops into your mind reading it is what it’s about.

I’m so happy that you were here for a short amount of time, it was good enough to make me go to sleep with a smile on my face. I’m sure we will meet up every summer, and I can’t wait. We’ve been missing a lot of days, but I still believe!! Thanks for the past 2 years now, my summer group. I’m already ready to go back any day now, but are you? I doubt it, but hey future self? I still believe, maybe you don’t anymore and that’s fine. But you know that we were so happy in the summer of 2013, even though just looking back makes you cringe, I think you were just too grasped in the moment and you thought it would stay like that forever. One thing I want you to do is have as much hope as you can. Please believe or you will get yourself down. Please stay so happy you feel like you could fly. That’s really all I want. :-) 

We have to celebrate ourselves, and even though the letter says it will be embarrassing, I doubt it would be.

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